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Species Profile: Rüppell’s Korhaan

Species Profile: Rüppell’s Korhaan

Desert Frog

by Leah Powley (Colby College)


Some call it a desert frog

it walks across the sand

It’s also called the rolling stone

though it’s not a member of that band


They’re endemic to Namibia

but of this they do not boast

They just like to live their lives

along the western coast


You know she’s looking at you

when the eye you see it pale

But if the eye is dark,

then you’re looking at a male


It has black marks across its face

and one stripe along its neck

Its neck is long and slender

and long legs make for an easy trek


When you hear their call

you may think their voice boxes are broke

For the sound that comes out is less like a song

and more like a frog croak


One name is unfamiliar

Eupodotis rueppellii

Also called Rüppell’s Korhaan,

many of them we will see.


Ruppel's korhaans "croaking" near Werelsend, Namibia (Susie Dain-Owens)

Ruppel’s korhaans “croaking” near Werelsend, Namibia (Susie Dain-Owens)


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