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Species Profile: Moss Campion

Species Profile: Moss Campion

By Drew Higgins (Carleton College)


Moss Campion (Silene acaulis)


Moss-like mats

Occurs in rocky, alpine environments

Silene acaulis

Salverform flowers (composed of united petals forming a tube that spreads at the open end)
Cushion of moss (also called “cushion pink”)

Aromatic flowers like lilac

Moist but well-drained areas

Pink, lilac, or purple flowers

Inserts long woody taproots into crevices

Often on cliffs or ledges

Named after the wreaths of champions in European public games, which were adorned with red campion flowers (Silene dioica)


Moss campion (photo by Susie Dain-Owens)


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