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Species Profile: Corn Crickets

Species Profile: Corn Crickets

This program in Namibia has had a special treat.  With all the rain and an actual rainy wet season, the corn crickets here have flourished.  Now that the nights are getting cooler as Namibia moves into ‘winter’ (put in quotations because it is not a “real” winter, as you’d find in Michigan or Colorado), the crickets are slowly dissipating.  Our group has had some extra time at Wereldsend over the last month or so, and when that happens, little projects that brighten everyone’s day become more common.

Yesterday’s project involved the corn crickets.  The first attempt at finding everyone’s look-alike cricket resulted in a very funny video captured by Emma in Omatendeka.  As it ends up, crickets do not like being next to each other, something that hindered our ability to depict our tight-knit group with cricket characters.

However, there was a solution.  It took awhile, but at long last we give you a cricket-ized depiction of a day in the life of a Round River Namibia student:


First thing in the morning, we gather around the fire and eat oatmeal.



Cricket Blog Photo1



Then, we could go for a game drive in a 4×4 vehicle fitted with a special game seat.


Cricket Blog Photo2



Or, if the data collection calls for it, we may climb to a point with a good view and sit for a couple hours watching for wildlife.  Everyone usually situates themselves in the most comfortable way possible.



Cricket Blog Photo3



Everyone has to wear their hats for sun protection, as often there are no shade trees from our look-outs.



Cricket Blog Photo 4



However, this week was a little different, as the students were kept quite busy the last couple of days writing exams.


Cricket Blog Photo 5




Disclaimer: While we wished we could say no crickets were harmed in this process, this blog called for the sacrifice of several crickets. However, all were misbehaving by climbing into our food or crawling up an unsuspecting students’ leg.  May it be known, we may have sacrificed ten, but there very well may be 10,000 crawling around Wereldsend.


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