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Favorites and Firsts, all in 3 months’ work

Favorites and Firsts, all in 3 months’ work

April 28 to May 12, 2013

This last two weeks began with a move from our beloved bush camp in Khwai’s NG 19 to Banoka Camp, operated by Wilderness Safaris, in neighboring NG 18. Staying in the staff quarters, our group particularly appreciated the hospitality extended by the Banoka mangers and staff who shared their space with our group. On Wednesday, we finished up our work in NG 18/19, saying goodbye to our final group of escort guides. Driving through Moremi, we returned to Dibatana for a final week of projects and exams before heading back to Maun to spend our last few days at Island Safari Lodge


What was your favorite… 


Animal to listen to at night?

Hyena – Sarah

Lion (tau in Setswana) – Sixteen

Pearl spotted owlet – Susanna


Food to cook over a campfire?

Susie’s birthday apple pie – Susanna

Vegetable quiche – Phoebe

Susie’s birthday pizza – Matt and Sam

Garlic naan – Susie

(“Boiling water was pretty easy” – Jack)


Luxury item you didn’t miss the most?

Pillow – Sam

The New York Times – Phoebe

A roof over my head- Sarah

Paved roads – Matt

My bed – Sixteen


Phrase picked up in Botswana?

Sharp (okay, good, fine- pronounced like shop) e.g. Sharp, see you later. – Sarah

Ga gona diphuduhudu (There are no steenbok) – Jack

I don’t go for that one e.g. Does that have meat in it? I don’t go for that one. – Susanna

Thank you please e.g. Can you pass me the balsamic, Sam? Thank you please. – Phoebe



The Chobe River cruise with Franz at the wheel and the wind blowing on my face – Susie

Discussions at NG 41 East side bush camp – Jack

Roof rack during point counts – Phoebe



And for those lucky fall 2013 students… What do you wish you brought?

My hammock – Sixteen and Susie

Needle and thread – Phoebe

Frisbee – Jack

Significantly fewer things- Matt


During our time in Botswana …

I made a fire on my own… (Susanna)

I grew a beard… (Jack)

I ate butternut squash and Indian food… (Sam)

I taught a college course… (Matt)

I thought I was going to get trampled by wild animals in my sleep… (Sarah)

I saw wild dogs… (Susie)

I identified birds on my own, without my parents… (Phoebe)

I was part of a group for so long, and it helped me to broaden my mind a little bit… (Sixteen)


… for the FIRST TIME!



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