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Camera Trapped Leopard

Camera Trapped Leopard

In addition to our regular point counts and game drives in Namibia we have also set up camera traps at three nearby springs. With these camera traps we hope to capture the more elusive wildlife in the area. Although we have seen many amazing animals during our daily activities, looking through the camera trap photos is always an enjoyable task, because each new picture could yield an exciting find. Yesterday we were flipping through the photos from Jebico Springs and saw many sparrowlarks, a few rock hyrax, and a black mongoose. Then we were suddenly surprised with a close-up shot of a subadult leopard staring right into the camera. We knew that leopards occasionally come to Jebico, but all of our previous camera trap photos of leopards were taken at night, so it was thrilling to see one in the daylight. With each set of camera trap photos, we look through hundreds of images and it is rare to find a shot as incredible as this one.


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