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An Ode to the Ibis

An Ode to the Ibis

An Ode to the Ibis

In flight-a pair of three or more.

A clown above tan, black and red.

Eyes search for field or pasture

to group and feast galore.

Feet to scratch, and spear to match.

Along the coast and into field-

on rocky ledge or tallest tree,

a home awaits.

This sturdy bird, far from weakly faint.

Unmistakeable cranking call,

Wary from above, a bird to simply love.



Black-faced Ibis,(Theristicus melanopsis, 74-75cm) also known as Bandurria in Spanish. This partly migratory bird occurs locally in the Aysen region and North, to the Antofagasta region. They often form large breeding colonies and can be seen in fields and pastures foraging for food. As stated above, they makes their nests on rocky ledges or in tall trees. This bird is frequently seen above our heads and makes itself known with a loud honking call. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing and hearing it, and was amongst the first we could identify without a visual.

Contributed by Avery Lavoie


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